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The following information will give you some basic artwork knowledge so we can work efficiently with your art.
Operating Systems

We are operating under Macintosh System OS X, OS 9.2 & Windows XP.

Vector File(Illustration Art)

True Vector Format, Outlined Fonts or Attached Font Folder(Vector graphics are made up of lines and curves.)

Raster Files(Bitmap Art)

Hi Res. Image in Actual Size. Min. Res. 300DPI, No Duotone.(Bitmap graphics are made up of little squares called pixels)


Freehand MX,Illustrator CS3, Photoshop CS3, QuarkXpress 6.5, InDesign CS3. We Do not Accept Coral D. & MS


CD & DBD,100 & 250 MB Zip, 3 1/2″ Diskette, E-Mail, USB Storage Devices


Use the Pantone color matching system (PMS) and specify coated (c) or uncoated (u) ink.Or supply a color swatch.


All your documents and files must be Macintosh formatted. Include a copy of all screen and printer fonts used. Include all graphics, EPS and TIFF files required to output film. It is important that a printed black and white and/or color proof and color separations along with any other special instructions accompany the disk. This will ensure that all the correct information is contained on the disk and your order will ship on time.


Clean black on white art board, with sharp clean lines sized to fir the selected product. Laser printer outputs of 600 dpi or higher are recommended. Photocopies, letterheads, fax copies, business cards and newsprint ads are not considered camera ready art.


The Process of overlapping adjacent colors to avoid registration problems. Trapping, also called choke and spread, is necessary in screen printing. If you submit your artwork on a Macintosh formatted disk we will apply the recommended trapping of 1.5 pt. to your artwork.


A bleed is considered when the image runs beyond the edge of the product. Therefore, we require an extra 3/16