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At Ad Industries, it is our sole aim to design packaging products that are both useful as well as cost-effective for our clients. Our designing capabilities and high manufacturing standards are the reasons why many clients trust us with highly unique requirements for their files, folders, and portfolios. We are glad that our award winning products have managed to not just meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.

Take one brochure holder
Brochure Holder

Case History:
Our client was looking for a unique point of purchase stand that would hold 4-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ take-one sheets. The stand had to be unusual in design, but functional at the same time. The clients designer originally constructed a product that would have fallen apart in transit, so Ad Industries redesigned the product to be self supportive, and the product was a big success.

Doughboy Meal Planner
Doughboy Meal Planner

Project: Doughboy Meal Planner

Case History:
Our distributor had been working on this project for upwards of six months. Pillsbury wanted a planner that could fit into a coat pocket. The binder was to hold index tabs, recipes and vinyl pages that could hold store provided coupons. There was to be pockets inside the front and back panels, and a pen loop.

Ad Industries recommended against such a small size binder and convinced the distributor that a clip would serve better, along with the pockets to hold the many coupons that this planner would contain.

The end user was very receptive to these changes and a prototype was constructed and approved.

Cypress Club
Cypress Club

Client: Cypress Club
Case History:
Our client was looking for a very high end wine list holder to tie in with the decor of their restaurant.

Product Description:
We decided to quarter bind the spine with a copper looking material that would tie in this material and use our luxurious (Milano) cover material for wearability, and a totally great feel. Knew the spine had to ware forever, so we selected Majilite for strength and appeal.

Maui and Sons
Wire Bound Booklets

Client: Maui and Sons

Case History:
The end user was looking for a product that he could package his literature and wire bound booklets into.

Product Description:
To enhance his product and not just make it look like any box, he decided to have us screen print multiple colors on a charcoal linen material. To go one step further, we debossed an area to receive a Tiki God on the front cover. There is no other box like this one and that is exactly what the client was looking for.

custom package

Client: Paraform

Case History:
Our customer was informed by his client that they were very concerned with image.

Their box, (custom package) had to be high-tech in look. We decided to combine an offset printed sheet to cover the bottom portion of the box and use a heat sealed corrugated top to enhance the product. Combining these two construction methods and making the lid into a special die cut, achieved the high-tech look the end user was after.

To further increase the attractiveness of this case, we debossed to register the lower graphics on the printed sheet.

The rich feel of the deboss, the custom die cut of the top and the clear corrugated plastic top, made this a real award winner..

Vinyl binder

Client: Disney

Product Description:
Vinyl binder using suede like material with fringe. The product was RF stamped (debossed) with colored foil and multi color screening for added color.

Case History:
Disney was introducing the Pocahontas video to wholesale distributors and they wanted the packaging to reflect the Native American theme of the video. Fringe die cut from Tan Saba vinyl offered the connection between the film and the Native American theme they were looking for. RF stamping made the title striking yet appealing. The leaves blowing amidst pixie dust carried the theme from the main song in the video – Colors of the Wind.

Disney Box
Case Made Binders

Client: Disney
Product Description:
Case made binders and slipcase.

Case History:
Disney needed a way to collect and store information that would be readily available at a moments notice. Storage would be at the front desk of the Disney Store so it was critical that the case and binders be attractive, reflect the decor of the store and yet still be durable. Laminated materials are durable and easy to keep clean, and the slipcase keeps all information together. Fun graphics were used to represent Disney culture.

Here is a list of our award winning products:

  • Take One Brochure Holder: This unique holder is designed as a self-supportive stand for holding 4-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ take-one sheets.
  • Doughboy Meal Planner: This Pillsbury meal planner is designed by our team in such a manner that it can hold index tabs, recipes, and vinyl pages. This pocket-fitting planner is integrated with a clip and pockets to hold coupons.
  • Cypress Club’s Wine List Holder: This product is quarter bound at the spine with a copper-like material. Milano cover material is utilized to give the list holder a royal and luxurious feel. Another fabric, Majilite is used, as it is known for its strength and durability. The fabric also provides an aesthetic appeal to the wine list holder.
  • Packaging Solution for Maui and Sons: To accomplish the end user’s requirement of a folder that can store literature and wire bound booklets, we developed this jazzy looking product. It has a debossed area to receive a Tiki God on the front cover, and is screen printed with multiple colors on a charcoal linen material.
  • Custom Packaging Solution for Paraform: This award winning product for our client boasts of a sophisticated look with an offset printed sheet covering the bottom and a heat sealed corrugated top.
  • Vinyl Binder for Disney: We developed this innovatively designed vinyl binder in order to meet Disney’s requirement of a vinyl binder made with suede material for introducing Pocahontas’ videos.
  • Disney Box: To suit Disney’s image, we developed these easy-to-use binders and cases that are imprinted with fun graphics.