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Ad industries: The Most Reliable Name of Multi-Purpose Packaging Solutions

Have you ever observed that a valuable material always comes with an appreciable container that too deserves equal attention as the object itself? The present age gives a lot of importance on how a particular object is presented or carried or contained. Owing to the polished world of business, marketers always seek something new and appealing to attract attention towards their products. Since 1956, Ad Industries has been leading the market of turnkey print, packaging and designing solutions.

How the Success Story Started?

CD DVD Packaging

Founded in the year 1956, Ad Industries started off as a looseleaf binder and portfolio manufacturing company  and had gained considerable success from the field before it started providing media packaging products in the year 1971. In the area of media packaging products, the first solution we introduced was the vinyl product joined together with vacuum formed trays in order to create album covers for audio cassettes, 8 track tapes and ¾” u-matic tape.

The journey Continues

We produced the first vinyl album cover to contain VHS and Betamax video cassettes in 1975, which later on came to be known as the Disney Clamshell. The year 1977 saw us producing the original software packaging solutions for Tandy TRS-80 Personal Computer using the same components that is vinyl with vacuum joined trays. We added another feather in our hat by designing the original software packaging for the IBM PC, in the year 1981. This was constructed out of linen cloth binder fitted with a cloth wrapped slipcase.

Our Popular Product Range and Accomplishments

At Ad Industries we believe in constantly growing with innovation, technological acumen and creativity. Our continually developing product lines assure to keep pace with the dynamic business environment. In the process, we are capable of fulfilling our clients’ rapidly changing packaging requirements with a wide gamut of packaging products, some of which are listed below:

  • Durable and aesthetic E-Device Covers and packaging Solutions
  • Sturdy, light weight and convenient Aluminum and Tin Packaging
  • Elegant wood carved boxes and products
  • Eclectic range of Turned Edge Book Binders
  • Ad Specialty packaging solutions like cases, covers, holders, protectors
  • Solution driven Index tabs
  • Multimedia packaging Solutions
  • Custom poly products like catalog binders
  • Varied types of Menu Covers
  • Wide varieties of Padfolios and Portfolios

Apart from these, Ad Industries has also gained the capability and expertise of designing a variety of customized products for clients to meet their particular packaging requirements. Our successful case histories speak volumes about our expertise in providing exacting and innovative packaging solutions of different types to our clients who have approved of our products with impressive acclamations.

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