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Everything You Need to Know about Aluminum Binders

Aluminum binders are the preferred means of providing extensive protection to documents. Made of anodized aluminum, these binders are lightweight but sturdy, thus offering extreme protection to documents. Since these binders are hard in nature, they are constructed like boxes to easily hold equipment other than papers. Due to their tough nature, they are mostly used in industries like manufacturing units, hospitals, construction, etc. 


Aluminm Binders

Main Varieties of Aluminum Binders

A variety of aluminum binders are available in the market. Different binders serve varied functions. You can choose one that best suits you. The types of aluminum binders available are:

  1. Clipboards
  2. Storage Clipboards
  3. Form Holders

Features of Aluminum Binders

Aluminum binders display a variety of attributes. You can choose one that fits your needs perfectly. Below is a list of features available in different types of aluminum binders:

  1. They are constructed in a way that allows easy one-hand handling.
  2. Anodized aluminum is used as the material to provide strength.
  3. The aluminum is non-reflective in nature.
  4. These binders are generally constructed in several standard sizes such that they can fit in standard spaces like command posts. The sizes commonly available are: 4 1/2″ x 10″ x 5/8″, 8 1/2″ X 12″, 9 X 4 X 1″, 9″X16″X11″ and many others.
  5. Most aluminum binders feature self-locking latches.
  6. With almost all types of binders, there is a dedicated storage space for pens.
  7. A strap is placed around the unit so that documents can be secured easily.
  8. There are options where one can choose a hinged cover to ensure added maneuverability and safety.
  9. Many binders offer separate spaces for storage and writing/ presentation of documents.
  10. Depending on the end use, the binders feature special storage spaces for driver’s licenses or cite books.
  11. Dual tray binders are also available for usage requiring many documents to be stored at a time.
  12. These binders are versatile in function.

Advantages of Using Aluminum Binders

Aluminum binders are used in a variety of applications. They offer the following advantages in application:

  1. They are lightweight in nature, hence they are easily transportable.
  2. Since most aluminum binders are non-reflective, there is no glare when using or storing them.
  3. Aluminum binders are a cost-efficient means of storing documents.
  4. The clean design of these binders is aesthetically appealing.
  5. Most aluminum binders feature some friction material at the bottom to ensure the binders don’t slip off any surfaces.
  6. The box-like binders can easily be shut and written on.
  7. All surfaces provide a smooth surface to assist in writing.
  8. The construction is such that one-hand operation is allowed.
  9. The clips are strong in nature as well and can hold multiple documents efficiently.

These binders serve the dual function of temporary and permanent storage of documents. Aluminum binders are thus extremely useful in a variety of industries.

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