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Factors to Consider When Customizing Turned Edge Binders

Turned edge technology is where the covering layer of a binder is turned inwards. Printed paper with customized designs is laminated and glued to the binder. The edges are then turned. This method gives cases, binders, and other products a beautiful book-like feel. A variety of cover materials including cloth and paper are used. It is generally printed according to the needs of the clients. Turned edge technology allows the binders to efficiently withstand regular wear and tear. This also assists in protecting the documents stored inside the binders. 


Ring Binder Turned Edge

Factors to Consider When Customizing Turned Edge Binders

When placing an order for customized turned edge binders, the following features should be taken into consideration. Attention to these details makes all the difference.

  1. It is generally square backed in order to be compatible with all kinds of papers.
  2. You can choose between round or square corners.
  3. They also feature automatic hang rivets for durable binding.
  4. Turned edge binders can be covered with printed paper or cloth. A variety of cloth materials and textures are available.
  5. The covering material is glued to the cover to provide optimum performance and durability.
  6. When it comes to printing the covers, you can choose from litho, offset, digital or screen printing technology. These advanced methods of printing render products that are detailed in design and rich in color.
  7. You can also customize your binder using a foil stamp. A customized metallic stamp on your binder makes it look elegant and luxurious.
  8. You can also opt for embossing or debossing some text on the binder. This makes your binder look attractive, unique, and sets you apart frosm the competition.
  9. Ring binders are available as well.

Turned edge binders, although brilliant in design and function, are cost-effective options when creating customized binders. They are budget-friendly due to two reasons. One, they are less expensive to produce as compared to most binders. Secondly, most manufacturers make use of multiple high speed case makers, which provide excellent finishes while reducing the overall cost.

These cases exhibit superior craftsmanship with respect to construction and design. This process doesn’t just provide aesthetic appeal but also makes the cover more durable. Another factor that adds to the durability of the product is the lamination. Together, they allow the binders to be used in harsh environments. Turned edge binders exhibit a rich feel while being extremely economical. Brilliantly printed turned edge binders provide excellent visual appeal. Stand apart from the crowd with customizable turned edge binders.

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