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Get Organized & Stand Out with Customized Polyethylene Index Tabs

Custom index tabs are extremely useful when organizing documents. They also provide easy access to information. These tabs provide the finishing touch to a folder, binder, or book, making them more presentable. The different materials, designs, sizes, and colors available can help you choose index tabs that are the perfect fit for the application and nature of the job.

Customized Index Tabs



Many companies provide customized solutions for index tabs. These tabs can be made available in full color. The full color tabs are printed with your choice of color on the body of the tab. The colors are printed with full bleed. The tabs are also available in clear and colored mylar. The sizes of these tabs can also be customized according to the size of the book or binder.

Polyethylene Index Tabs


Depending on your application, you can opt for poly tabs, which are manufactured using polyethylene. This material is extremely sturdy and ensures that the tabs have a long life span. They also provide the rigidity and structure to tabs making sure that they don’t bend easily. Poly tabs are resistant to moisture, dirt, and varying temperatures. They are less susceptible to damage even after regular handling. Polyethylene is manufactured using organic materials. Poly tabs can be used for outdoor jobs as well. Their tough material allows them to last longer than most regular tabs.

Tab extensions with punched holes are also made available. The position of these holes can be customized according to your binder or other requirements. These holes can be reinforced to ensure that they don’t fall out easily. Thus, they are able to offer reliability and durability.

You can choose from a variety of colors depending on the color scheme of your folder or book. Most companies are able to offer a variety of colors that can be matched to your choices, as closely as possible. Several printing options can also be made available to further customize the index tabs. Printed tabs can be used to convey the message you need.

Most companies offer nineteen mylar colors that are sure to make any binder, folder, or book stand out. Index tabs are extremely useful for various settings. They can be used for daily organization of documents in the office. The reinforced tabs can be used by out of office employees on sales or marketing calls.

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