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Understanding the Role of Custom Binders and Its Types

In today’s era of intense competition, business organizations are seeking innovative ways to make their brands stand out from competitors. They are now aware of the importance of utilizing various promotion/marketing tools to direct customers’ attention towards their products and services. Amongst the various marketing/promotional tools used, custom binders have gained immense popularity due to […]

Factors to Consider When Customizing Turned Edge Binders

Turned edge technology is where the covering layer of a binder is turned inwards. Printed paper with customized designs is laminated and glued to the binder. The edges are then turned. This method gives cases, binders, and other products a beautiful book-like feel. A variety of cover materials including cloth and paper are used. It […]

Turned Edge Binders: Advantages and Aestheticism Goes Hand in Hand

When it comes to carrying office supplies pertaining to our profession, we strive to make them look formally classy. Turned edge binders come as an efficient solution for all those who seek functionality as well as aestheticism.