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Turned Edge Binders: Advantages and Aestheticism Goes Hand in Hand

When it comes to carrying office supplies pertaining to our profession, we strive to make them look formally classy. Turned edge binders come as an efficient solution for all those who seek functionality as well as aestheticism.

What is a Turned Edge Binder?

Ring Binder Turned Edge

Simply speaking, when a rigid paperboard is adhered with an attractive-looking outer cover with edges turned over to cover the corners, it takes shape of a turned edge binder. Ideally, the outer cover or layer is a sheet that comes with prints and lamination. However, the layer can also be made of some high-quality material based on the customer’s requirements.

The paperboard substrate of this binder is covered evenly by the outer cover that also bends over its edges and corners to give the entire binder a smooth and subtle look and an aesthetic feel.As a result, the turned-edge binder looks elegant yet useful. Quality Turned edge binders can look dignified or vibrant;the look may be enhanced with special features like embossing or metallic foil stamping.

What are the Advantages of Turned Edge Binders?

Turned edge binders come packed with several advantages for the users. Besides its functional value of carrying important documents and paperwork, turned edge binders have artistic worth as well. Following are the advantages of these binders.

Augments Creativity: These turned edge binders look beautiful with subtle creative patterns, pictures and artwork designs. The binders have no seams that may interrupt the designing process and hence, the artwork may continue smoothly around the binder. An automatic full bleed is possible as the artwork is in the cover wraps around the binder interior.

Available in varied sizes and quantities:Turned edge binders can be custom assembled that allows these binders to opt for unique designs and shorter production runs.

Full-color graphics: These binders can be easily printed with elegant and elaborate full-color artwork. Apart from the outside cover, the interior of the binder can also be printed with colorful graphics and attractive designs.

Available in multiple styles: Turned edge binders can be used in multiple styles according to one’s requirement. These can be used as ring binders (with or without pockets). On the other hand, these can also be utilized as self-standing easel binders, catalog and presentation covers, slip cases and so on.

Dignified look and feel: The attractive visual appeal of turned edge binders makes them a hit amongst professionals. On top of that, these binders are durable and well constructed to leave a lasting impression for days of usage.

No wonder that manufacturers offering this product are hence trying to ensure that turned edge binders should come with both functional features and fashionable looks to attract customers’ attentions and interests. For any query contact us today or call on 818-765-4200 / 800-233-4201.

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