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Why Choose Custom Binders for Brand Marketing

Today more than ever brand promotion is carried out with utmost attention by portraying the goodwill and reputation of a business. Product manufacturers and other service providers are constantly in search for ways to make their products/services recognized in the market place.


So, the question is, how can a business attain a competitive advantage in the market? How can a business stand out from its counterparts? It all depends on how you promote your brand and how effectively you use various marketing tools.





Custom Binders – Are a very Effective Marketing Tool that have been used for decades.

Amongst the several marketing tools that are tried and tested, custom binders are found to be extremely effective and appealing products. There are several advantages that can be added to to customized binders that make your brand and product stand out from the rest. First and foremost, they are a cost-effective marketing promotion tool, which can be used effectively to grab the attention of a large audience. Also, it acts as a constant reminder of products/services that your business has to offer within arm’s reach.

Which are the Types of Binders Preferred by Today’s Businesses?

Let us now see the most commonly used custom binder models that are in huge demand among customers from multifarious industrial sectors.

  • Aluminum/Acrylic Binders – These binders are built to last with molded acrylic panels and aluminum spines with piano hinge assembly. They are extremely durable and will last for years of constant use, protecting your printed material and documents enclosed within.. Available in standard sheets sizes and well as custom made to accommodate any size required. The all-aluminum and/or combo acrylic binders can be designed with custom matching spot colors. There is also the option of laser etched and anodized colored aluminum. This same decorating techniques can be applied to other products such as tote boxes, clip folios, clipboards and clipboard boxes.
  • Embedment/Encapsulation Binders and Custom Decorated Binders with Foil Stamping or Silk Screening – These types of binders are largely preferred to best represent the companies brand and products. The embedment binders are printed with either offset printed full color sheets or for smaller quantities a digital printing process is preferred. Using that foil stamping process allows for opaque and metallic foils to complement the material substrate. Silk Screening is typically used when matching colors using the PMS Pantone Color Matching system or visually matching customer provide swatches. This process is used for multi-color printing for all quantities and an affordable cost. Customers in all industries can take advantage of custom binders and there benefits. The all outside panel covers can be custom decorated with quality graphics that provide excellent brand recognition that indirectly communicate the core of the business. Also, catchy tag lines and short texts can be added to provide basic information about the company’s products/service offerings.
  • Custom Heat Seal Vinyl Binders – Available in a variety of styles, materials, and decorative options, this binder type delivers your business’s message in a cost effective way. It can be decorated using screen printing, offset printing, foil stamping or embossing techniques. The binder can be designed with pockets and other customized accessories. This allows you to collateral information and other items along for business presentation purposes. This type of binder is largely preferred for distribution amongst the audience in conferences, business meetings, and trade fairs.

Custom binders can be designed to match current design or customized for a brand new marketing campaign. If you are looking for design ideas for binders, related printing and packaging our design team can help elevate any concerns that you have by taking advantage of our 35+ years of experience in this field. We look forward to the opportunity and challenge presented with each and every project. We have the experience and reputation of custom design and ingenuity, creating cleaver solutions that will make your brand and product stand out.

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