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Clamshell boxes are an ingenious way of protecting books or documents while making them more presentable. They are generally used to preserve books for long periods of time. They can also be used to hold fragile items. Thus, the clamshell boxes encloses the book or document completely. Their name is derived from the ‘clamshell’, since they consist of an upper and lower tray and function in a manner similar to the clamshell.

Capabilities at Ad Industries

The upper tray of the clamshell boxes can be covered and printed. Ad Industries offers a variety of material and printing options. We also provide a variety of standard as well as customized sizes. Standard A4, letter, or other sizes are available. As for the customized sizes, we can manufacture clamshell boxes to perfectly fit specific books. These boxes can be made to match the cover of the books as well.

Clamshell boxes can be used to hold other items like valuable objects  or other knick-knacks. The box interiors are created in a manner that keeps the documents and other stored items well-protected. Velcoin closures are used to provide secured fastening to the box. The unique construction of the clamshell boxes supplied by us ensures maximum security and easy access.

The clamshell boxes provided by Ad Industries are stunning and completely customizable. These boxes can be used as powerful presentation tools for meetings, gifts, or for general display as well. Our clamshell boxes are highly favored by book collectors, photographers, and businesspersons among others.

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