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Flyers – A High Impact Online & Offline Marketing Tool

Founded in 1956, Ad Industries provides end-to-end solutions for all packaging and printing needs. Along with providing other services, we also provide flyers for companies and individuals at reasonable prices. In addition, we have an in-house design team that can create attractively designed flyers. Our flyers are sure to stand out and make a strong impact.

Our Capabilities

Ad Industries provides its clients access to the design function as well as high quality paper and print. The flyers created by us can be personalized according to your preference and your company’s logo and design. Our highly skilled designers create flyers that complement your brand image.

Advantages of Using Flyers

  1. Flyers are helpful in tapping prospective customers.
  2. Flyers help you reach people that are missed by other promotional activities.
  3. Flyers create a buzz and are impactful.
  4. There is no major investment initially.
  5. These days, flyers provide the dual function of serving as an offline and online means of marketing. Flyers can be distributed physically or sent as e-mailers.
  6. Flyers are perfect for cold calls. People can save the flyer and contact you at a future date.
  7. This method is useful as part of an entire marketing strategy or a stand-alone operation.
  8. The entire process of designing and manufacturing flyers takes very little time.
  9. It can be used to promote special occasions, offers, or simply to talk about your company and services.
  10. This is a relatively economical method of marketing.

Flyers have been providing consistently good results for decades now. One of the old-school methods of marketing, digitized flyers can now be utilized both online and offline. This sales tool is a must in every entrepreneur’s marketing plan.

To view some of our successful flyers, please click on an image below: