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Gloss A.G.S. (Animal, Glueable, Stampable) Matte Scuff Free Matte

Adding Strength, Durability, & Vibrancy with Film Lamination

Film lamination or lamination printing refers to the bonding of a clear plastic sheet to a page or cover of a book. This process protects your book or sheet from dirt and moisture. The sheen added to the colors of the page makes it look more attractive. Lamination provides flexibility without allowing the page to tear. The different materials used for lamination keep the page from cracking or being scuffed. When choosing a lamination material, it is important to remember that the lamination will add to the thickness of the sheet, making it more rigid.

Capabilities at Ad Industries

At Ad Industries, we provide several kinds of film lamination material. The finish, cost, and look of these materials are varied, and they can be picked according to the end use of the book or paper. You can choose from the following finishes:

  • Gloss
  • A.G.S. (Animal, Glueable, Stampable)
  • Matte
  • Scuff Free Matte

Lamination printing proves to be extremely useful when used for material specifically designed for children. Film lamination will be better at handling rough use and will not tear easily. Lamination of menus increases their wear life and makes them easier to be cleaned. When used for work-related documents, lamination printing adds a finished and professional look, making them more presentable.

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