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Elegant & Luxurious Gilded & Stained Book Edges

When it comes to books, every little detail matters. Colored and gilded page edges lend a classy feel to any book. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, these methods are used for aesthetic value, protection, and to help distinguish books. Three sides of the page excluding the spine can be gilded or stained.


The rich, larger-than-life feel of gold edged pages is incomparable. In this process, the page edges are sand-polished. Then, a thin gold foil is heat-applied to the edges. This process although brilliant to look at is actually used to protect the pages from the oils secreted by human hands. The gilding at Ad Industries is available in gold and silver with matte and glossy finishes.


A wide variety of colors is available to stain the edges of the pages. This effect can be used to make your books stand out. The colors can be chosen to complement the cover, content, and the state of mind of the buyer. Ad Industries provides an array of colors and their expertise in helping you choose the perfect color for your requirements is second to none. This option can be utilized when looking for a budgeted option to gilding.

The services offered at Ad Industries are a class apart. We meet our clients’ requirements in every respect – be it quality, delivery time, efficiency, or pricing. To place an order or request for more information, please contact Ad Industries at 818-765-4200/ 800-233-4201 or email at

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