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Automatic in Line Hubbing Wide Range of Hub Sizes Adjustable Placement of Hubs

Decorate Book Spines With Hubs of Elegance

Hubs add character to a book. This artistic detail was normally used in eras long gone. People who would like their books to stand out from the rest now use them. Instant elegance and uniqueness is offered by this service.

What are Hubs?

Hubs are the bands placed on the spine. These bands are placed horizontally and stand out from the rest of the spine. They are constructed by fixing an extra layer of cardboard on particular parts of the spine to make those parts, or bands stand out. These little bumps can make a book look distinguished. The hub is known as a traditional, beautiful, and important detail of book making. This little addition can make a book noticeable and aesthetically pleasing.

Capabilities at Ad Industries

At Ad Industries, we have the capabilities of providing cases with beautifully designed hubs. The placement, distance and thickness of the hubs can be customized to fit the unique needs of every client. We provide automatic in-line hubbing for books.

Intricately designed spines complement the hubs. Even the name of the book and the author can be made to stand out on the spine with the right kind of design and hub placement. All the details of the hubs can be customized to fit your design specifications. This decorative feature available with Ad Industries does an incredible job of beautifying your book.

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