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Genuine Cow Hide and Pig Skin Gild and Stain Edges Ribbon Page Markers Hub Spine Reese Case Moire Endsheets 3-Piece Case/Leather Corners Round Back and Square Back Multi-Color Foil Stamp Oblong and Oversized Bibles 100% Q.C. Process

Leather-Bound Books: Magnificently Crafted Treasures

Very few books are deserving of leather binding. Leather bound books are special and we understand the emotional value of a superior quality leather bound book. Such books are mostly passed down from generation to generation, deeply treasured by all. With heritage and heirloom value attached to such books, we detail them with extra special attention.

Superb in quality, Ad Industries provides genuine cowhide and pigskin leather binding options. These books also feature the best in terms of the other details like the spine, case edges, etc. Together, they perfectly complement the brilliant leather binding.

Leather binding is available for oblong and oversized books as well as for bibles. You can choose between gilded and stained edges, and round or square back. The gilding adds a stately feel while making the books stand out.

Features of Leather Bound Books

These details are included keeping in mind the fantastic appeal of leather-bound books. They can be customized according to your requirements. Below is a list of some of the features of our leather bound books:

  • Ribbon Page Markers
  • A Hub Spine
  • Reese Case
  • Moiré Endsheets
  • 3-Piece Case with Leather Corners
  • Multi-Color Foil Stamp

We follow a 100% Q.C. process to ensure that the books delivered by us meet the high standards of our clients. Our services and products are exceptional in terms of quality, prices, and turnaround time. Our diligent team is here to bring your ideas to fruition.

To place an order or request more information about our leather-bound offerings, please contact Ad Industries at 818-765-4200 / 800-233-4201 or email at

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