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Silk Moire with Paper Backing Range of Colors In-House Sheeting

The Perfect Beginning & End to Every Book

End sheets are placed and bound at the front and back end of books. These sheets are rich in quality, mostly cloth-based like silk. They add a polished touch to any book.

Ad Industries’ Offerings

We take immense effort to ensure our clients are exposed to the best services and products that the world of stationery has to offer. We provide end-to-end services for all book binding needs. With reference to moiré endsheets, below are the specifications that we work with:

  1. Quality silk moiré endsheets with paper backing.
  2. A variety of sizes and colors are available.
  3. We provide in-house sheeting.

Advantages of Moiré Endsheets

  1. Since the end sheets are made of superior quality, they are durable and protect the rest of the pages. Thus, they help in conserving the integrity of a book and its pages.
  2. They look elegant and lend a rich feel.
  3. These pages can be used to express oneself via images, sketches, writing, or a signature.
  4. These pages are of importance when providing important, relevant information like maps, bullet points, etc.
  5. Endsheets can be used to repair books as well.

Ad Industries is reputed for its quality, variety, excellent products, and time-efficient delivery. We have persevered to provide cost-efficient solutions for all our customers backed by strong technical prowess.

For any queries, information, or order placements, please call 818-765-4200/ 800-233-4201, or email Ad Industries at

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