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All Automatic Feeding and Drilling Unlimited Number of Holes Various Size Drills Bits

Clean, Precise, & Cost-Effective Multi Hole Drilling Services

Ad Industries provides several binding techniques. These binding options available with us are long lasting, cost effective, and attractive. We offer multi hole drilling services for books, documents, binders, etc. These holes are created using drill bits. Documents and other materials can easily be punched using this technique. Several times, buyers require holes to be punched in bound books, calendars, or binders. This is also possible at Ad industries. Whatever the need, we are able to cater to it.

Drilling Procedure

Automatic feeding and drilling is performed to ensure clean drilled holes. As opposed to manual punching, automatic punching can drill holes through a large stack of papers. This makes the machines more efficient and saves time. The automatic drilling and feeding machines provide reliability as well. Various sizes of drills bits can be used to provide a wide range of hole sizes. Depending on the requirement, unlimited number of holes can be drilled.

We provide standard drilling options for 3-ring binders. We can drill holes through papers, inserts, or dividers according to the standard hole size and distance of 3-ring binders. Other standard drilling of calendars, catalogs, etc. can be accomplished with ease.

Ad Industries utilizes several vendors onshore and offshore to provide customers with brilliant products and services at competitive prices. We welcome questions and queries regarding our products. We believe in providing clients with cost-effective yet impactful solutions.

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