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Oblong books are atypical in size. Having your papers printed and bound in this fashion assures that your books will get noticed. Oblong books can be used to write in as well. These books can be manufactured in a variety of sizes depending on the end use and the client requirements. Other details of the books can be customized as well. These books are generally used in picture books that utilize high quality paper and the size of oblong books greatly complements the images. They can be utilized in other applications as well.

Specifications of Oblong Books

The oblong books supplied by Ad Industries are manufactured using the best quality paper. Other specifications include:

  1. The oblong books are available up to 12ʺ wide in size.
  2. High speed lines and automated equipment are used to bind the books.
  3. The technologies used to bind the papers together and finally the entire book to the cover is Smyth sewing and adhesive binding.
  4. A wide range of cover materials are available.

Ad Industries offers a variety of customized solutions. We ensure that your clients will be impressed by the results. Oblong books supplied by us are superior in quality. We utilize the latest technologies to create books according to your specifications. We have the capabilities to print these books with custom images and logos. The material of the cover can be customized as well. Whether used to bind printed material or blank pages, oblong books grab attention due to their uncommon make.

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