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Onlays: A Spectacular Decorating Technique

Onlays are thin pieces of paper, metal, leather, or other materials, adhered to paper in a raised fashion. The name is derived from the procedure of laying a material onto a substrate. Onlays are generally used on covers or spines of books. Onlays are used to stand out from the background material, texture, and color.

Capabilities at Ad Industries

  • We provide the option of debossing the onlay. This provides an interesting texture and design to the onlay.
  • The materials used for creating onlays are paper and metal. These materials can be chosen depending on the thickness needed for the onlay.

 The traditional look offered by onlays is unparalleled. Some people let the onlays be raised while others hide the irregularities of the raised material. If you desire to create a book that is distinguished in terms of style, then this is your option.

At Ad Industries, we provide beautifully crafted decorating techniques. The products supplied by us are superior in quality and durability, and hence, preferred by people with discerning taste. This is a high quality yet cost-efficient printing option. Ad Industries utilizes several quality check processes to ensure that the products supplied by us are excellent. This timeless method of decorating books is perfect for the person looking for elegance and brilliance, even in their books.

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