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Smyth Sewn Heavy Thickness Board Range of Cover Material and Decoration

Larger Than Life Coffee Table Books

Visually pleasing content deserves an apt sized book. Coffee table books take grandeur to a different level with their size and quality. Books with interesting eye-catching photos should not be locked down in small books. They should cover the pages of books that do justice to them. Details, intricacies, and emotions can be conveyed with the help of these books.

Capabilities at Ad Industries

Ad Industries provides an array of well-crafted oversized coffee table books. The coffee table books available with us feature thick heavy covers that protect the book, increase its life, and make the book look magnificent.

We also provide a variety of size options for the coffee books. This can help accommodate the kind of pictures and text that will be displayed in the book.

The thickness of the book and cover could dislocate the pages easily, thus the sturdy and reliable Smyth sewing method of binding is used.  This method of binding ensures that the pages are fixed in a sturdy manner.

Ad Industries understands the elegance that a coffee table book denotes and thus offer a wide range of cover materials, decorations, and designs that are fitting for such a book. These designs can be customized according to your needs and the subject of the book.

Display your art through the magnified vision of a coffee table book. These fascinating books can be produced to display pictures, tell a story, or both. It is as if a documentary style video moves from one frame to another taking us through a journey of dynamic, well-digitized images that catch the eye and one’s breath.

To create art that lives, breathes, and can emotionally touch the viewer, contact Ad Industries at 818-765-4200 / 800-233-4201 or email at

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