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Flexible Case – Reese and Freeman Round Corner Multiple Lines Existing Dies Many Bible Size Dies

Flexible Casing for Ease of Use

When case binding, it is extremely important to choose the right kind of binding. The purpose of the book will dictate the binding method to be implemented.

Reese and Freeman cases add flexibility and strength to any case. The flexible turned edge binding also makes the book lightweight. These cases also provide immense amount of flexibility to the reader in terms of handling the book. Unlike hardbound books, the cases are bendable so allow one-handed operation, if the size permits it. The lightweight feature of the book also allows flexibility of use.

Capabilities at Ad Industries

We at Ad Industries provide Flexible Reese and Freeman cases are available with us. These cases feature round corners and multiple lines. These cases are used for all sorts of purposes. They can easily be incorporated in to bibles. Ad Industries provided a variety of flexible bound bibles. A number of bible size dies are available with us. These flexible cases are cost efficient, durable, and long-lasting. These books are a joy to own and use.

The flexible case binding available at Ad Industries is of the highest quality. Our services are directed to providing you with the moist cost-efficient product coupled with technologically advances quality services. All our employees are dedicated to making sure you receive a brilliant experience and product. Emphasis is placed on assisting clients to find the most useful product for their individual needs.

To place an order or request more information, please contact Ad Industries at 818-765-4200 / 800-233-4201 or email at

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