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Thin Books Can be supplied stitched and trimmed to size False Covers

Saddle Stitch Binding – An Effective & Faster Option

The method of saddle stitching, also known as staple designing, is used around the globe to bind thin books. Saddle stitch cases are durable in nature while also being cost-efficient. This method employs staples that are specifically designed for this method. The staples are longer than usual. They are also V-shaped. This shape allows them to gather the pages more effectively. It also helps in centering the signatures for a streamlined look and feel.

The signatures used in saddle stitching are folded. The folded nature allows a wire to be inserted through the central seam of the folded pages. When it reaches the innermost page, it is cinched to form a staple. This method is generally used to bind thin books because bulkier books might not lie flat due to the staples. When using this method, ample space has to be attributed to the margins, to avoid losing content in the binding.

Ad Industries provides the option of saddle stitching along with other methods. We also have the capability of providing saddle-stitched cases with false covers. In this process, the staples will not be seen from the outside. This service benefits those looking for a more finished, cleaner look.

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