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Silk Screen Printing – A Versatile Option

Silk screening is the method of printing through a mesh using a stencil and ink. This decade old method has gained popularity due to the high quality and precision achieved during this process. This is a relatively quick and cost-efficient printing option. Its durability and longevity has made it a preferred alternative for users and suppliers alike. The vast arrays of colors that can be used with this method have furthered its popularity. This stenciling method of printing can be used to apply prints on a wide variety of materials. The versatility of this method has aided its adoption in several industries.

Capabilities at Ad Industries

At Ad Industries, we provide a variety of screen printing options:

  • Pigment Screen Printing
  • Spot UV Printing
  • Multi-color Printing

We provide our clients with an entirely customized option for screen-printing their books, binders, and other material. The silkscreen print provided by us is long lasting and looks brilliant. Different types of designs and texts can easily be printed on to a variety of materials. The silk-screened print is long lasting as well. A variety of materials can be screen-printed quickly and with ease. Several color options are available with us. When screen printed, the colors are vibrant and eye-catching.

Incorporating this process into other binding or printing processes is easy and quick. You can opt for this option when binding other materials. Screen-printing adds a sophisticated finished touch to any material.

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