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Turned Edge Packaging

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Looking to make a big impact on first time or existing customers? Then Ad Industries has the solution for you with turned edge packaging. Also known as custom rigid packaging, this case making solution is the ideal choice to impress high profile clients.

What is Turned Edge Packaging?

Turned edge is a process that involves turning paper over the edge of a flatboard. This allows the board to have the appearance of a book cover. Generally, this type of packaging is applied to binders, boxes and other product packaging. However, the popularity of this solution gave rise to turned edge case making with full color graphics and film lamination. Ad Ind provides this packaging option, as a variety of turned edge items can be custom designed, printed and assembled. This allows us to provide high end retail level quality products.

Benefits Accrued with Turned Edge Packing

Customers who choose Ad Ind’s turned edge encasing services will receive diverse benefits from this process.

  • Rigid packaging requirements can be produced with a wide variety of materials. This variety of cover stocks and limitless design concepts allow for the most intriguing and elaborate packing products produced today.
  • Short production runs of turned edge packing that incorporates digital printing is extremely economical and still provides that visual impact you client demands.
  • Combining Turned Edge process with Flush Cut die cutting operation allows for the designing of multi-dimensional shapes such as curves, spirals, and waves.
  • This type of packaging is extremely suitable for book covers, menu covers, and custom binders and retail level packaging with foam and vacuum formed inserts in required.
  • Industries that can benefit from turned edge case made products include textiles, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Ad Ind’s turned edge packaging services provide comprehensive solutions for products. They have the capability of enhancing the marketability of a product, thus adding to its popularity and sales. If you would like to know more about our products, please feel free to contact us.

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