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Customized Two-Piece Boxes for Storage & Aesthetic Value

Two-piece boxes are designed to protect and safeguard important books, documents, magazines and more. These boxes can also be designed to perfectly fit books. They can be designed using customized images and designs to match the book stored inside. They are useful in the long run since they provide protection from dust, dirt and moisture to some extent. Box sets can be used to make your books look appealing. They also provide security during storage and transport.

Capabilities at Ad Industries

We at Ad Industries provide an array of binding, printing, and storage products and services. We provide customized two-piece boxes. These boxes are used to provide storage and protection to books and other documents. We provide a variety of cover material options. The choice of the right cover varies depending on the application and the end user.

In order to make these boxes more attractive, we also provide several elegant printing options. You can utilize processes like foil stamping and debossing to beautify your book. The result is elegant and striking. These processes also act as sales tools. A beautifully designed product is the best means of marketing. You can leverage this, and print your contact details on the box, case, or the book. This will help you make a strong impression. Ensure that your books pass the test of time with the help of two-piece boxes.

To place an order or request more information, please contact Ad Industries at 818-765-4200 / 800-233-4201, or email at

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