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Aluminum / Acrylic Binders


Looking for that unique appearance and a sign of indestructibility. Look no further than our complete line of aluminum binders. Whether you are looking for a brush or painted look our aluminum binders will work for any application and within any industry.

Our decorating processes include screen printing, laser etching or embossing. Sizes will range from 11″ x 8 1/2″ and 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″. We also offer other metal products including tote boxes, clip folios and clipboards. Many color and size options available upon request.

 Aluminum Binders for Safe and Secure Document Protection

Aluminum binders are designed to hold and protect important documents that are used in various industrial environments. Ad Industries’ aluminum binders are designed for use in applications such as manufacturing facilities, medicine and research labs, supply chain management, and document archive centers.

Secure Documents with Aluminum Binders

At Ad Ind, we provide aluminum binders that can protect your documents safely and securely. We utilize tough, anodized aluminum for superior strength and protection. We design our binders to be light weight, easy to use, and non-reflective. Our aluminum binder products are available in a variety of sizes and lengths.

Our binders have the capabilities to hold documents in various sizes. We provide binders with slim or large form storage capabilities. Many products are also capable of holding up to 30 completed forms. Each product has a different feature that makes it useful for document protection in particular application environments. Some of the options include:

  • Hinged cover options (left sided)
  • Self-locking latches
  • Non-skid bases
  • Dual trays for convenience
  • Heavy duty yet light weight form and cite holding clip
  • Smooth outer lid for writing
  • Outer strap for securing the entire unit
  • Fits inside command post

The binder range includes thin and long binders as well as broad and large ones. Some products have the option of securing the driver’s or work license at the top of the binder. We also utilize a patented clip that has been specially designed to hold a pencil or a pen onto the binder. Separate pencil trays can also be provided if required by the customer.

Aluminum binders by Ad Ind are designed to provide benefits of comfort, easy form storage, and ease of use to the customer. If you would like to know more about our products, please feel free to contact us.

If you would like more detailed information about this product, please feel free to contact us at 818-765-4200 / 800-233-4201 or E-mail us

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