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An Incomparable Range of Printed Binder Product

We at Ad Ind began by manufacturing and providing vinyl binders to various organizations. Over the years, we have expanded our binder line to incorporate a range of products. Today, we provide more than 15 different types of standard and custom binders in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Among the list, some of our most popular products are vinyl, poly, and printed binders.

When you look at the Ad Ind custom printed binder range, you will find something for everyone. Employees such as secretaries and corporate executives will find the 6 ring memo binders extremely useful for keeping notes, minutes of meetings, and corporate telephone directories.

Snapper binders will be the perfect match for top personnel, who wish to store their notes, cards, and phone numbers safely and securely. We also provide special executive binders for CEOs, ambassadors, and other people in high standing positions.

Companies that specialize in various types of media products, which require digital screen printing, can avail clear overlay view and custom screen printed binders. Also, general consumers can avail a variety of products including poly binders, litho sheet binders, split back easel binders, and custom aluminum binders, to name a few.

Designing and manufacturing custom binders is another offering provided to our customers. We utilize the latest technologies and a cutting-edge manufacturing facility for our production process. We can provide custom binders in various sizes. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide the binders in different colors, which range from 4 to 50.

Ad Ind provides you a complete range of product options, when you wish to purchase custom binders wholesale. If you would like to know more about our products, please feel free to contact us.