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Aluminum Clipboards, Boxes and Folios


Like our aluminum binders, this product is very versatile and offers your customers that elegance and strength of aluminum that will never wear out. Use our clipboards to store your important papers and provide an easy to use writing surface all in one compact unit. Many colors are available. Other sizes available upon request.

Aluminum Clipboards, Boxes and Folios – Comprehensive Storage and Marketing Solutions

They can be used for important documents as durable storage solution. The all-aluminum clipboards, clipboard boxes and storage units can provide the best long lasting product that will outlast products made from other materials.

Features of Aluminum Clipboards

We supply the clipboard with many beneficial features to make the user’s job easier, and to enhance the overall product experience.

  • Material: Galvanized Aluminum(can be provided in many colors)
  • Writing Surface: Smooth
  • Piano Hinges for long lasting hinge strength
  • Sizes: Accommodate standard and custom made sheet sizes

Aluminum provides benefits of corrosion resistance, strength, sturdiness, and aesthetic appeal. The hand sanded edges prevent the clipboard from causing abrasions to stored documents. The steel clip provides a strong grip without damaging the documents that has a built in pen/pencil holder Custom sizes and designs can be made and decorated with silk screening, embossing. Full Color adhesive labels can be mounted to the product for visual impact.

Storage and Portability with Clipboard Boxes

The capacity tray for the clipboard box can store multi forms, writing pads in a single or multi compartment configuration. The upper compartment can keep blank forms from being comingled with other documents. There is also a partition for pen/pencil storage. This clipboard box is excellent for on the go sales representatives and estimator’s that need to have a durable storage solution.

Clipboard Folios – Office on the Go

Our clipboard folios are designed to provide an elegant and sophisticated look. Clipboards and clipboard boxes are designed to be a complete portable office. It has a large and comfortable space to store the carbon duplicate forms along with odd sizes sheets and brochures. A variety of storage compartments are provided, giving you the freedom to store a variety of items including pens business cards, pen drives, general stationary items. A large inner compartment provides enough space to store either a business diary or an external hard drive or other electronic devices.

Ad Industries can offer all aluminum products in a variety of galvanized colors. Our recycled clipboards, boxes and storage solutions are effective for work, storage, and brand marketing. Please contact us to know get information about pricing and deliveries.

If you would like more detailed information about this product, please feel free to contact us at 818-765-4200 / 800-233-4201 or E-mail us


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