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Custom Heat Seal Vinyl Binders


Our Custom Heat Seal Vinyl Binders are available in over 50 colors and sizes.  You name it, we can produce all the options you want.

Silk screen from 1 to ever how many colors you need;  offset print 4 color process or 4 color process plus PMS colors; foil stamp; foil deboss; all sheet sizes available; looseleaf mechanisms may range from round metal or plastic rings to D rings, screw posts or catalog metals; pockets and vacuum formed trays may be added to accommodate extra materials for your product or presentation manual.  Rivets may be concealed or exposed.

Custom Heat Seal Vinyl Binders: Market your Brand and Engage Clients

Custom heat seal vinyl binders by Ad Industries are the perfect binder solution to create a lasting impression on customers. These are perfect tools to market your brand while engaging with clients.

Binders are the most popular product provided by Ad Industries. We offer a variety of custom heat seal vinyl binders in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Specialized Heat Seal Vinyl Binder Features and Specifications

We design heat seal vinyl binders to meet client’s requirements in terms of look, feel, ease-of-use, and durability. We utilize specific materials and components to achieve this goal.

  • Material: We standard PVC vinyl and can also provide Phthalate free material that meets EU compliance and CA Prop 65 standard. This is considered as the standard material when designing and producing these binders.
    • Variety of colors and embossings
    • Stain Resistant, easily cleaned
    • Recyclable
    • Economical
    • PVC vinyl can easily have label holders, pockets and other accessories added.
  • Binder Construction: We utilize a rigid pasted chipboard construction to ensure that the binder can provide the amount of strength and durability expected.
  • Colors and Finishes: Customers are given the choice of choosing the color and embossing for the binder. Our custom heat seal vinyl binders are available in three finishes, and over 20+ colors, embossing and overprints.
  • Looseleaf Mechanisms: At Ad Industries, we provide a variety of looseleaf mechanisms for our heat seal vinyl binders. Our mechanism range includes round ring Straight D-ring, and Angle-D ring. There are also specialty mechanisms and devices that can be incorporated into the custom looseleaf binder. We can also supply binders with rivets that are either exposed or concealed.
  • Sheets: The binders can be designed to hold sheets of the following sizes – 11″x 8.5″+.5
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