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Custom Size Binders


With our wide variety of tooling, chances are we have the capability to fit your special needs. Call your customer service representative with your specifications.

Custom Size Binders for Eclectic Needs

Are you looking for binders that will add a unique touch to your brand and company? Perhaps you have seen our inventory, and would like a binder that includes a combination of designs, materials, and looseleaf mechanisms. Then our custom size binders are the solution for you.

We at Ad Industries pride ourselves on designing and furnishing custom binders that will meet special requirements for our clients. Our design team can work to design a custom binder that exceeds you or your client’s expectations. We have a full gamut of options where our customers can select the most appropriate materials, colors, coverings, constructions, etc. for binders that will enhance their marketing campaigns.

How Do We Accomplish This Task?

When it comes to custom size binders, the solutions are in the details. We work with you to understand your requirements in terms of construction, storage, aesthetic appeal, and marketability. We also collect information on how the binder will be used in your marketing campaign. This allows us to suggest the best solutions that make your binder durable, eye-catching, and user friendly.

Custom Offers From Ad Industries

We provide an entire range of product solutions for our customers to choose from. These include:

  • Binder Material
  • Cover Sheets
  • Slipcases
  • Poly Binders
  • Perimeter Stitching
  • Easel Binders
  • Raw Chipboard

We are able to accomplish this due to our state-of-the-art software, machines, and processes used to create the binders:

  • Macintosh and Windows XP Systems
  • Art Preparation Software:
  • CAD for custom tooling and design

o   Freehand MX

o   Illustrator CS3

o   Photoshop CS3

o   QuarkXpress 6.5

o   InDesign CS3

  • Coloring:

o   CMYK (4-color process)

o   RGB

  • Printing:

o   Direct-to-print systems

o   4-color process offset printing

o   Custom sheet sizes

o   Digitally printed sheets

  • Materials:

o   PVC (for welded edges)

o   Linen, vinyl fabrics

o   Pasted chipboard, foam board, corrugated plastic

o   Paper substrates

o   Film lamination

Our expert designers use the latest in designing software to create the binder in the size, shape, and design you require. We can find innovative ways to incorporate your logo into the binder for marketing purposes.

We have the capabilities to provide digitally printed sheets to enhance the aesthetic appeal of our binders. It also helps us to supply completed binders on or within time. The wide range of material options ensures that every customer’s needs will be met. If a customer is interested in using a material that is not showcased on our list, we can obtain the material for the creation process.

These various solutions place Ad Industries in an extremely strong position to provide custom size binders that will meet your application needs. Simply provide your specifications, and we will take care of the rest. Contact us if you have any queries regarding these products.

If you would like more detailed information about this product, please feel free to contact us at 818-765-4200 / 800-233-4201 or E-mail us

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