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Durable Seal-&-Cut Series Binders


With this cut and seal (welded edge) construction, we are able to use durable Senate Series cloth-backed vinyl, providing an exceptional life span for these binders.

Durable Seal-&-Cut Series Binders for Varied Uses

At Ad Industries, we strive to provide clients with binder solutions that can meet their every need. Our durable Seal-&-Cut Series binders offer the perfect combination of sturdiness, professional design, and aesthetic appeal. The Seal-&-Cut binders can provide complete solutions in terms of storage, durability, and corporate image.

Smart Design, Durable Construction

What makes the durable Seal-&-Cut series binders unique from our other products is their construction. The binders are made chipboard which is covered with supported vinyl, and then welded and diecut during the final sealing process. The support vinyl with fabric backing adds to the binder’s durability and provides flexibility in terms of cover sheets and coverings. The welded supported vinyl allows for some of the covering options listed below.

  • Insertable overlay or label holders sealed to the cloth backed vinyl.
  • Printed paper embedment sealed to the outside cover.
  • Supported and/or Expanded Vinyl

Standard decorating techniques apply for Seal-&-Cut binders as well as options and accessories.

Product Line includes

Ad Industries provides binders in all standard sheet sizes an as well as custom sizes that require specially created sealing dies and tooling. The supported vinyl is comparatively the same as auto and marine upholstery.

Benefits of Durable Seal-&-Cut Series Binders

The cloth backed vinyl can be sealed and cut to provide a long lasting and durable binder. Standard hardware and looseleaf ring metals can be installed.  The pasted chipboard, supported vinyl provide for a durable binder that can use all of the same options and accessories that are typically found on standard vinyl binders.

These binders are well-known for their exemplary lifespan. Once you invest in a Seal-&-Cut series binder, you can be assured of many years of service.

Ad Industries’ durable Seal-&-Cut series binders can provide an excellent consolidation of great design, strong construction, aesthetic appeal, and exceptional product life. Contact us if you have any queries regarding this product.

If you would like more detailed information about this product, please feel free to contact us at 818-765-4200 / 800-233-4201 or E-mail us

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