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Since 1956 Ad Industries has been a leader in innovative turnkey print, packaging and design.

Ad Industries was founded in 1956 as a looseleaf binder and portfolio manufacturing company. Today we still produce high quality vinyl, poly and turned edge binders. We have added many other products and services along the way. We started working in media packaging products in 1971 when we developed the first vinyl product joined together with vacuum formed trays to make album covers for audio cassettes, 8 track tapes and ¾” u-matic tape. In 1975, we produced the first vinyl album cover to accommodate VHS and Betamax video cassettes, later referred to as the Disney Clamshell. In 1977, we produced the original software packaging for the Tandy TRS-80 Personal Computer using the same construction of vinyl joined with vacuum formed trays. In 1981, we designed the original software packaging for the IBM PC employing a turned edge constructed linen cloth binder fitting into a cloth wrapped slipcase that became the standard software packaging of the time.

Ad Industries is constantly expanding our product lines to meet the ever changing business environment. We recognize that technology has had a direct influence on the types of products we have provided since 1956. Our design team is always brainstorming to provide the most cutting edge products to meet the objectives and budget that has been outlined by our clients. This is the reason that Ad Industries can offer the best available innovative products that the market place has to offer.

Ad Industries offers a global supply chain with over 30 years of outsourcing product development and design with a strong well established long term relationship with our overseas manufacturing partners. Ad Industries will manage a sourcing network of domestic suppliers with overseas factories worldwide. We offer a transparent process that meets state and federal guidelines while we work hand in hand with our clients in their supply chain and product development. Ad Industries vertically integrated supply chain team will help reduce costs providing the most efficient custom designed products for our clients that the industry has to offer.

Ad Industries has made a commitment to our customers. This commitment is to remain competitive and to provide the service that our clients demand, by meeting their delivery schedules with a product that exceeds their expectations. We have honored this commitment with dedicated and professional support team. Our team realizes that they make the difference. We also know how important it is to keep up with technology and how this can affect our ability to be competitive.

Ad Industries was honored by the binding industries of America, which bestowed upon us two years in a row the coveted “Best Of Show” award. We received these awards for our creativity within our industry.

We at Ad Industries would like to thank our customers for their continued support and patronage.