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Eclectic and Attractive Menu Covers from Ad Ind

At Ad Ind, we understand that presentation is everything. We provide various design solutions to help you create the best menu cover for your establishment. We offer a variety of classic café menu designs as well as assorted binder styles.

Our binder style menu covers comprise:

  • Guest Check Menus: These are standard guest check presenter menus that are used in hospitality establishments. We utilize various materials including turned edge linen, heat sealed materials, Ambassador vinyl, and French corners for design and presentation.
  • Ambassador Menus: The Ambassador menu covers are designed to resemble subtle yet elegant leather binder material. The design comprises soft thick vinyl covers that are manufactured to resemble genuine leather. Gold or silver one area stamps are utilized to beautifully deboss the front covers with the name of your establishment and logo.
  • Turned Edge Menus: These menu covers are chosen for their versatility in terms of look and feel. They are basically designed and manufactured using rigid chipboard and fine linen cloth. We also provide one area hot stamp for the logos and names.

Ambassador and turned edge styled menu covers can be manufactured in various sizes, colors, and shapes. Besides these, we also provide many Classic Café menu covers, which are well-known for their elegance as well as durability. These feature design options of Bengaline fabrics, cloth backed materials, and attractive nylon threads for binding. We can balance this with colorful and eye catching designs. Heavy gauge plastic is used to protect the menu from moisture; it also allows for easy cleaning.

If you would like to know more about our products, please feel free to contact us.