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 Aesthetically Designed Wood Carved Boxes

We at Ad Ind provide a veritable treasure trove of different types of wood carved gift items. Our inventory includes wine and wine glass boxes, beautifully carved picture frames, small, charming boxes for important keepsakes, and elegant pen, note, and stationary holders. We can produce all these products in various shapes and sizes.

Pine wood is the material of choice when it comes to creating these various products. However, we also have the capabilities to create cosmetic packaging in other types of wood such as fir, linden (lime), and spruce.

All our products are coated with protective varnishes that give the wood a beautiful appearance and add years to its life. Depending on the client’s requirement, we can also provide boxes with laminates made from different materials and in various colors. Our designers can even work with you to create custom laminates for your product.

The interior packaging is usually done with soft velvet wall packing, wooden supports for the glasses or bottles, and leather straps for securing them. Steel fasteners and latches are used on the box lids for safe and effective storage.

For general consumers, wine glasses and bottles can be an amazing gift item. Also, the treated wood and aesthetic appearance of the boxes means that they can be bought as collectibles or used in home décor.

At Ad Ind, you will be able to purchase such custom packaged items at extremely reasonable prices. If you would like to know more about our products, please feel free to contact us.