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Here is a list of our award winning products:

  • Take One Brochure Holder: This unique holder is designed as a self-supportive stand for holding 4-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ take-one sheets.
  • Doughboy Meal Planner: This Pillsbury meal planner is designed by our team in such a manner that it can hold index tabs, recipes, and vinyl pages. This pocket-fitting planner is integrated with a clip and pockets to hold coupons.
  • Cypress Club’s Wine List Holder: This product is quarter bound at the spine with a copper-like material. Milano cover material is utilized to give the list holder a royal and luxurious feel. Another fabric, Majilite is used, as it is known for its strength and durability. The fabric also provides an aesthetic appeal to the wine list holder.
  • Packaging Solution for Maui and Sons: To accomplish the end user’s requirement of a folder that can store literature and wire bound booklets, we developed this jazzy looking product. It has a debossed area to receive a Tiki God on the front cover, and is screen printed with multiple colors on a charcoal linen material.
  • Custom Packaging Solution for Paraform: This award winning product for our client boasts of a sophisticated look with an offset printed sheet covering the bottom and a heat sealed corrugated top.
  • Vinyl Binder for Disney: We developed this innovatively designed vinyl binder in order to meet Disney’s requirement of a vinyl binder made with suede material for introducing Pocahontas’ videos.
  • Disney Box: To suit Disney’s image, we developed these easy-to-use binders and cases that are imprinted with fun graphics.