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Miscellaneous Information Related to Design, Accessories, Terms of Use, & More

Ad Industries offers several binding and packaging solutions. Our comprehensive customized offerings have been designed to offer unmatched products and services to our clients. Here, you can find information related to design, templates, accessories, Ad Industries terms of use and more. If you require any clarifications, you can contact us here.


Here is available in-depth information regarding decorating techniques and art and design specifications employed at Ad Industries and templates. These templates and specifications will help you design your artwork in accordance to the printing methodology used here. This also helps us get a realistic idea of what your expectations are, and what we can deliver.

We utilize several decorating techniques to print the various products. Some of the printing processes used are halftone screen-printing, hot stamping, 4-color process silkscreen, and die cutting.

You can use this information to effectively design your next book, folder, menu and more.